The University of Florida's pilot course Creative Scientific Communication explores what happens when students, faculty, and professionals from science, journalism, and the arts come together with the goal of more effectively communicating science to broad audiences. In this class, professional writers, artists, and designers lead interactive workshops for students. Lessons in storytelling, visual composition, and design empower students to develop new skills in media technology, including web design, photography, video, and audio production. Our goal here is to expand the creative toolbox available to today's scientists.




Chris A. Johns is a PhD student in the Biology Department at the University of Florida, in the Kawahara Lab at the McGuire Center for Lepidoptera and Biodiversity at the Florida Museum of Natural History. His current research focuses on endangered insects of the Hawaiian Islands and the plants they depend on. Chris works with a variety of multimedia tools and visual artists to highlight the beauty of science and conservation. 


Dylan Klempner is an interdisciplinary artist, writer, and journalist. He is an adjunct lecture with the University of Florida's Center for Arts in Medicine and an artist in residence at UF Health Shands Arts In Medicine. In Fall 2016 he is serving as scholar in residence in the UF Biology Department. Dylan exhibits his visual art in Florida, including Hector’s Framing and Gallery.  His creativity advice and artist profiles have appeared in publications across the country.  He co-edits the nonfiction literary e-zine, with Russ Beck.